CISF full form| Full form of CISF?

CISF full form

Central Industrial Security Force

CISF full form is the Central Industrial Security Force the largest industrial security force in all of Asia with around 170,000 personnel and 132 battalions under its belt.

It was founded by India’s Ministry Of Home Affairs to protect vital installations like factories or warehouses from criminals who might want access to plundering goods inside them – which makes sense given how often these types of attacks happen!

As Director General O P Singh has been running things since September 2016 after taking over from Shri Ramadorai Paulose before that time period ended following an eleven-year-long tenure as well so we can expect more efficient service delivery going forward thanks largely due.

CISF was founded in 1969 under an Act of the Parliament of India. The primary goal for this organization is to provide security at industrial units and critical installations such as atomic power plants, power plants or currency note press with a focus on safety first!

CISF’s consultancy wing offers services to private and government organizations. The company has many prestigious clients such as TISCO, Orissa Mining Co., IB Thermal Power Plant, and NBRI

Cisf also provides training courses for both security officers in the field of emergency response management and those working at central locations like airports or power plants who need an extra skill set when it comes down to taking care Of patrons visiting these sites.

The Indian Coast Guard is a branch of the government that specializes in maritime security. It has three branches-the Executive Branch, Fire Service Branch, and Ministerial sectors which are all headed by Sector Inspector General positions with six specific heads depending on what area you’re looking at!

These sectors are as follows: this data form javatpoint

  • Eastern Sector with headquarters at Patna
  • Northern Sector with headquarters at New Delhi
  • Western Sector with headquarters at Mumbai
  • Southern Sector with headquarters at Chennai
  • North Eastern Sector with headquarters at Kolkata
  • Airport Sector with headquarters at New Delhi

Top seven ranks in CISF

  • Director General
  • Additional Director General
  • Inspector General
  • Deputy Inspector General
  • Assistant Inspector General
  • Commandant
  • Deputy Commandant

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