DJ FULL FORM? what is the full form of DJ?


“Disc Jockey”.

DJ FULL FORM IS “Disc Jockey”. The term “disc jockey” or “DJ” is a shortened version of the earlier term disc jockey and may refer to:

– A person who selects and plays recorded music for an audience, using two turntables and a microphone. The term has gradually replaced the older terms DJ and MC, which were used during its decline in popularity.

– A member of the U.S. armed forces that work with radios and communications equipment.

– An electronic musician who mixes two or more recordings together to produce new music, e.g., hip hop music, dance music, etc.

Types of DJ

Radio DJ:

A radio disc jockey (DJ) is a person who mixes different sources of music into a seamless flow for radio broadcast.

Club DJ:

A club DJ uses controllers to mix sounds from digital music files.

Mobile DJ:

A mobile DJ uses a laptop and controllers to mix music for events.


A- wedding disc jockey (or simply “wedding DJ”) is a professional who provides music and entertainment at weddings.


A- bedroom DJ is a person who mixes music for their own personal listening enjoyment in their bedroom.

History of DJ Full Form

The earliest form of mixing records was developed by Francis Grasso in the late 1960s. As technological innovations were made, Grasso had to figure out how to do it on his own.

At this time, the music was still relatively confined to the live domain; dancers needed a DJ to play the music they could dance to and other songs were not accessible for dancing because of their slower tempo.

Many believe Grasso started mixing at The Peppermint Lounge in New York City, where he had become resident DJ and built upon that technique.

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