Excise Control Code

ECC full form is Excise Control Code????. The ECC is a number assigned by the government to all businesses that are required to pay customs duties. It’s a PAN-based 15-digit for which a truncated 11-digit version is also used.

The standard ECC memory format is as follows: PAN + Category Code + Numeric Code

The first ten digits of the code will be identical to the PAN digit of the individual in question. The following two characters will be letters, such as:

XM-Central Excise Manufacturer

XD-Registered Dealer

The last three characters maybe 1, 2, or 3.

other full forms

ECC Full Form in Hindi – ईसीसी क्या होता हिंदी में

ECC full form is Excise Control Code और हिंदी में इसको  उत्पाद नियंत्रण कोड कहा जाता है.

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