ICT full form| Information and Communications Technology

ICT full form

Information and Communications Technology

ICT full form is Information and Communications Technology. ICT refers to any product which retains, stores, and handles digital information such as mobile phones, computers, and so on. ICT approaches and implementations change every day, so it’s hard to describe them in a specific way.

It involves using technical tools & services to operate network-based monitoring & control devices, telecommunications, smart building management systems, audiovisual processing & transmission systems, broadcast media, etc.

ICT Various components

The term ICT is commonly accepted as referring to all technologies that connect people and organizations in the digital world.

  • Communication technology
  • Cloud computing
  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Internet access
  • Data
  • Transaction

ICT’s Importance

ICT has become a basic need for the society of today. ICT has been able to provide many benefits to the world. For example, one of the main ways that ICT has assisted society is by providing help with boosting up productivity in organizations.

This has provided benefits to an organization, such as increasing its customer base and improving its resource base. The use of ICT applications also allows for intelligent features to be added to existing technologies.

The ICT industry has direct as well as indirect influence on economic growth. Modern communication networks can be used to increase the advertisement and growth of the enterprise. Many industrial services depend on ICT directly or indirectly.

The industry has a significant impact on economic growth. Modern communication networks can be used for advertisement and marketing strategies that will help businesses grow, many of which depend directly or indirectly upon ICTs because they provide services in this field.

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