IIS full form|full form of IIS

IIS Full Form

Internet Information Services

IIS Full Form in Hindi

इंटरनेट सूचना सेवा

IIS Full Form Internet Information Services. The Internet Information Services (IIS) is an HTTP platform, developed by Microsoft, for hosting web applications and websites. This article will give a general background of Internet Information Services, along with its features and typical implementation approaches.

Internet Information Services, or IIS, supports both Windows and non-Windows systems. IIS was originally a free piece of software that ran on Microsoft’s stack of operating systems, and it transformed into an integral part of the Windows NT server family when Windows NT 4.0 was released in 1996. An interesting feature about IIS is that you can use it to host ASP.NET applications in addition to the traditional HTTP sites; now there’s no need for multiple web server software!

Internet Information Server Manager was first released on May 30th of 1995. The main function of the Internet Information Server is to provide a redesigned web architecture that will afford users superior performance and security when it comes to web-hosting websites. One can use IIS for hosting an application over the Web Server. Users can access it from the client systems through a browser.



What is IIS used for?

IIS is a Windows-based Microsoft Web server program that can serve requested files or pages. It can also be configured to manage HTTP and FTP protocols and provide security and logging of network access.

What is IIS?

Internet Information Services

What is IIS service called?

World Wide Web Publishing Service

What is IIS course?

This course teaches you how to set up and manage your own web server. You will discover the skills required to support a range of web applications, as well as how to protect yourself against some of the risks associated with using the Internet.

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