ima full form! full form of ima

IES full form

Indian Engineering Services

IES stands for Indian Engineering Services. The UPSC conducts an examination, the Engineer-in-Service exams which are national-level tests to select candidates in various government sectors like Power or Telecommunication who will become engineers under govt of India. Class 1 officers work as engineers with their respective departmental jurisdiction over engineering projects; they act as project managers and lead teams when necessary

The Indian Medical Association, IMA for short is a global voluntary corporation of Doctors of Advanced Medicine system based in India. It’s the country’s largest organization that provides services to physicians and their communities across all states as well as UT territories with headquarters located right here in New Delhi where it keeps branches throughout just about every state or union territory–making this company an important resource not only inside but also outside its borders because they offer such extensive coverage! As you might guess from those words alone: Dr. Anil Jain has been president since 2019-20; he was previously vice-chairperson under Mr. Arun Misra until last year when he took over after his predecessor passed away unexpectedly during office hours while shaving off some facial hair excess…if

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