Laser full form! What is the full form of laser?
Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation

Lasers are a type of electromagnetic radiation that emits light through a process of optical amplification. The full form of laser is “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.” Lasers are commonly used in medicine, science, and industry for everything from welding to cutting to surgery. There are also consumer applications for lasers such as DVD players and barcode scanners.

Lasers are created when electrons in atoms or molecules are stimulated and release photons. The photons then bounce around inside the laser cavity and stimulate other electrons to release more photons.

This process amplifies the light, creating a beam of intense, focused light. Laser beams can be very narrow and concentrated, making them ideal for cutting and welding applications.

Lasers are classified by their wavelength, which is the distance between two peaks of the wave. The three main types of lasers are gas, solid-state, and semiconductor.

Gas lasers use gases such as carbon dioxide or nitrogen to create the laser beam. Solid-state lasers use crystals or glasses to amplify the light. Semiconductor lasers use a combination of electronic and optical components to create the laser beam.

Lasers have many different applications in industry, medicine, and science. They can be used for welding, cutting, drilling, and engraving. Lasers are also used in optical fiber communications and for measuring distance and speed. In medicine, lasers are used for everything from LASIK surgery to cancer treatment.

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