LDC full form! full form of LDC

IES full form

Indian Engineering Services

IES stands for Indian Engineering Services. The UPSC conducts an examination, the Engineer-in-Service exams which are national-level tests to select candidates in various government sectors like Power or Telecommunication who will become engineers under govt of India. Class 1 officers work as engineers with their respective departmental jurisdiction over engineering projects; they act as project managers and lead teams when necessary

Clerks in a government organization have many duties to do. They’re generally the first level of the clerk, and they perform all sorts of tasks from simple errands like making copies or taking messages up through more complex work such as conducting research and analyzing data that is needed by their supervisors who may not be able to afford outside help yet because it takes time for these people’s skillset development over here
What does this job entail? It depends on where you stand! If your boss wants an updated list on his desk tomorrow then there are some things LDCs specialize best at–and those include organizing files based upon keywords found within documents using keyword searches; preparing correspondence with signature blocks ready-made (you probably won’t even need handwriting); typing letters

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