MLC full form! What is the full form of MLC?

MLC full form is Member of the Legislative Council. The Legislative Council is the upper house of state legislatures in India. Members are partially nominated and partially elected. Local bodies, such as municipalities, members of the legislative assembly, governors, teachers, and graduates can elect a council member.

The Legislative Council can propose and pass bills, unlike the more powerful Lok Sabha. However, the Lok Sabha can override any bill passed by the Legislative Council. The Indian Constitution allows for a total of 250 members in the Legislative Council, with 12 members from each state and 2 from each Union Territory.

The first elections to the Legislative Council were held in 1952. The first sitting was on May 15, 1952. The first Chairman was Shri Hukam Singh. The current Chairman is Shri Virendra Kumar.

The role of the Legislative Council is to review and suggest amendments to bills passed by the lower house, the Vidhan Sabha, or the legislative assembly. The Vidhan Parishad or Legislative Council also has oversight responsibilities for state-owned enterprises and public sector banks.

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