MMV full form? Full form of MMV?

MMV full form


MMV full form is MECHANIC MOTOR VEHICLE. The trainee attending the course on ‘Mechanic Motor Vehicle’ will be able to perform basic fitting, grinding, surface finishing, and welding operations in an automobile workshop.

They should also have knowledge of how various components work together such as identifying a petrol engine’s parts or checking the functionality of dashboard gauges during repairs.

The student must know what troubleshooting techniques they can use when working with electrical systems; starting/charging issues related to both battery problems as well AC system malfunctions are part of their training too!

Progression Pathway

Qualifying trainees who successfully complete the necessary courses and exams are eligible to obtain an NCVT Certificate in MMV trade which will qualify them as qualified investigators, allowing them to investigate requirements for progression on any stage of their National Apprenticeship or Craft Instructor certificate.

The ultimate goal is placement at NSQF level 5 according to State Boards Technical Education standards – whichever applied where you live!

The Government of Gujarat has announced that those who complete two-year ITI courses after passing the 10th Standard and have passed NCVT or English as subjects can be treated at par with the 12th standard requirement for higher education in their state.

The matter of granting the ITI qualification equivalent to 12th Standard has been taken up with India’s Ministry for Human Resources and an Expert Group formed in this regard, taking their example from Gujarat state.

This qualification will give you the skills to find a job as an electrician.

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