NCR full form| Full form of NCR

NCR full form

National Capital Region

NCR FULL FORM IS “NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION”.The NCR region is a metropolitan area that includes the entire territory of Delhi and urban areas in neighboring states, including Haryana Uttar Pradesh Rajasthan. The National Capital Region (NCR) encompasses this whole grouping together with its own special moniker: “The National City.”

The NCR, with its vast population and diverse economy, is one of the world’s most important economic regions. This year it generated $128 billion in GDP which accounts for 7% out 10 total Indian national income!

Origin of the concept of NCR

In 1962, it was recommended that a wide area of Delhi and surrounding towns be developed as the metropolitan regions to reduce population pressure on the capital.

National Capital Region of India

Delhi NCR is the National Capital Region of India, and it surrounds the country’s capital, Delhi. The region is made up of Delhi and parts of the neighboring states of Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, and Rajasthan. The NCR is one of the most important economic regions in the world, generating $128 billion in GDP in 2016.

The region is also home to a vast population and a diverse economy. The NCR is one of the fastest-growing regions in India. The region has seen significant infrastructure development in recent years, with new expressways and improved public transportation.



NCR Full Form in Hindi : NCR क्या हैं

Delhi NCR Full Form – National Capital Region है. जिसे हिंदी मे राष्ट्रीय राजधानी क्षेत्र कहते हें

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