NSSO full form! full form of NSSO

IES full form

Indian Engineering Services

IES stands for Indian Engineering Services. The UPSC conducts an examination, the Engineer-in-Service exams which are national-level tests to select candidates in various government sectors like Power or Telecommunication who will become engineers under govt of India. Class 1 officers work as engineers with their respective departmental jurisdiction over engineering projects; they act as project managers and lead teams when necessary

The National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) is a government organization that carries out surveys in order to gather information about the country’s socio-economic system. These samples can cover anything from health care access and education levels, among many other topics; they do this through successive rounds with each round focusing on current issues at hand during its specific time period
Another interesting thing I found while researching Nssao was how it has been around since 1969!

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