OC full form! full form of OC

IES full form

Indian Engineering Services

IES stands for Indian Engineering Services. The UPSC conducts an examination, the Engineer-in-Service exams which are national-level tests to select candidates in various government sectors like Power or Telecommunication who will become engineers under govt of India. Class 1 officers work as engineers with their respective departmental jurisdiction over engineering projects; they act as project managers and lead teams when necessary

Original content is something that you yourself have made, without taking it from somebody else. This term is widely used in social networks and online communities to refer to an item that hasn’t been copied or published by anyone else before hand-itself through either writing or photography for example as opposed
to reusing existing material such as quotes on topics like philosophy (I’ll give my opinion but please don’t quote me!), news articles reporting current events, etc., photos were taken by other celebrities who are famous enough so people know what they look like then adapting those pictures into memes under their name where no one can tell it was originally someone else’s work

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