PG full form| what is the full form of PG?

PG full form

paying guests

PG FULL FORM IS paying guests. Staying in a PG is very much beneficial for students who stay away from home and are studying in other cities or towns.

PGs are basically apartments that have rooms which the owners rent out to other people who live there on a short-term basis, mostly just for a few days, weeks, or months. To the tenants, it is usually a good choice for several reasons.

Students who are new to the town they go to for higher studies find staying in PGs as the best option for them.

There are several benefits of living in a PG, some of which are listed below:

  • Affordable: PGs are more affordable than rental houses in big cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, etc. The rent of a PG is inclusive of food and basic amenities like TV, Fridge, Cooler, AC, Geyser, laundry, etc.
  • Information: PGs have turned out to be a boon for students who are new to the city and looking for a temporary place to stay. PG owners usually keep a record of all the tenants who have stayed in their PGs in the past and provide them with important contact details, such as landlords and other service providers, if required.
  • Availability: PGs have a high turnover of tenants. This makes them easy to find and available at the shortest notice.
  • Amenities: Most PGs come with all the basic amenities that you would need, such as a comfortable bed, a study table, an in-room wardrobe, and a WiFi connection. Some PGs also have common areas like a living room or kitchen which can be shared by all the tenants. This is especially helpful for people who are not used to cooking in a kitchen.
  • Security: One of the main reasons for students to look for PGs is its security. There are many moving around outside who would be looking out to
  • Safe: exploit students. PGs provide a safe and secure environment for the tenants to stay in. The owners of PGs usually keep a record of all the tenants who have stayed in their PGs in the past and provide them with important contact details, such as landlords and other service providers, if required.
  • No repair headache: No repair headache: Another benefit of staying in a PG is that its owner takes care of all the repairs and maintenance work. This saves you from the headache you would otherwise have to face if you were living alone in an apartment.
    And this means not having to spend money on security deposits, utility bills, and rent for individual rooms in apartments, which usually adds up to a lot over time. The monthly rent also includes the electricity and water charges.
    Last but not least, PGs provide homely comfort and warmth away from homes for students who are new to the town they got admitted in their college or university.
  • Discipline: One of the most important things that students learn while living in a PG is discipline. This is because, unlike at home, they are not allowed to make too much noise or keep people up late at night. This helps them in getting along well with other people and teaches them to be more responsible.
  • Staying with other people helps improve social skills. Since different students come from various parts of the country or even abroad, coming together under one roof helps form bonds between strangers easily. Sharing rooms and bathrooms can teach you how to adjust to others’ lifestyles too.
  • Living by yourself may be fun but sometimes, sharing space with someone else especially when living away from home can be quite beneficial too. You can save on money by splitting it with the other tenants.
  • Since PGs are close to colleges and universities, students find it easier to commute in case they decide not to use their personal vehicles. This helps them save on travel expenses too.
  • Since most PGs offer package deals where renters can avail of internet facilities at low prices, you don’t even need a computer for your stay because everything is available in one place itself.
  • Some landlords offer small houses or apartments that come with 2-3 bedrooms in cases where people want to stay together in groups or families with children under one roof without worrying about privacy issues arising out of rentals in hotels or guest houses accommodations for paying guests near me.
  • You can explore local markets by foot as most PGs are located in areas that are close to these markets, saving you on transport expenses.
  • PGs provide a sense of community and belongingness which is often missing when one stays away from home. You can make new friends easily and build strong relationships with them while living under one roof.
  • In some cases, landlords also offer food services to their tenants at very nominal rates, making it easier for them to not worry about cooking every day.
  • PGs come with laundry facilities too which is an added bonus and helps save time and energy that would have otherwise been spent washing clothes manually.
  • Lastly, many students find it easy to focus on their studies better when they are not living in an isolated house where they have to adjust when living with people from different backgrounds.


In short, PGs are a good option for students who study away from home and provide several benefits that cannot be found elsewhere. So, if you are looking for a safe and comfortable place to stay during your studies, do not hesitate to try out a PG. You will not regret it!

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