IES full form

Indian Engineering Services

IES stands for Indian Engineering Services. The UPSC conducts an examination, the Engineer-in-Service exams which are national-level tests to select candidates in various government sectors like Power or Telecommunication who will become engineers under govt of India. Class 1 officers work as engineers with their respective departmental jurisdiction over engineering projects; they act as project managers and lead teams when necessary

Plaster of Paris is a fine white powder made from gypsum, when heated to about 150°C it loses water and produces plaster. When added with more moisture substance absorbs quickly which then hardens into an everlasting form that can be used for molding or casting purposes
In 1881 French chemist Jean Brunhes discovered the chemical reaction where heating soluble mineral leads meathook dioxide (magnesium sulfate) out as insoluble calcium Sulfate dihydrate aka “gypsum”. He called this transformation due process Maestricht Papier because he found them here but later had no idea what they were doing in his home country near Liege

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