PSI full form! What is the full form of PSI?
Pound-force per square inch

PSI is an important acronym to know for any science-related or engineering exams. It stands for pound per square inch and is a unit of pressure. You may also see it abbreviated as lb/in² or psig (pounds per square inch gauge).

To convert psi to another unit of measurement, use this formula: Ѳ = (psi × 144) / 33000. This will give you the equivalent in atmospheres (atm), bars, or millibars (mbar).

For example, if you have a pressure reading of 25 psi on your gauge, that would be equal to 1.7 atm, 17 bar, or 1700 mbar. As always, if you’re ever unsure about how to convert between units, there are plenty of online tools that can help!

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