RCH full form? Rockville City Hospital

RCH full form

Rockville City Hospital

RCH full form is Rockville City Hospital. The full form for RCH is Reproductive and Child Health. This is a program that has been developed by the Indian government with the assistance of USAID. The aim of this program is to provide access to quality healthcare services to young mothers in India.

This is a region that has been identified as being in need of such assistance. The program has been able to improve on the healthcare services that are currently available to young mothers in the region.

The main objective behind launching this program was to enhance maternal health and child survival, especially among poor rural women and children by bridging the gap between demand and supply through the delivery of essential reproductive healthcare services including antenatal care; safe deliveries by skilled birth attendants; postnatal care; prevention of STDs and HIV/AIDS through the promotion of safer sexual practices; maternal nutrition, family planning, and breastfeeding.

The RCH program is a long-term commitment from the Indian government with an objective to reduce India’s high Maternal Mortality Ratio (MMR).

In this program, the government has committed itself to provide state-of-the-art reproductive health care services by creating a three-tier system.

The system will consist of primary healthcare centers where women can access basic maternal and child healthcare packages, referral hospitals that provide more advanced health facilities for complicated pregnancies and deliveries as well as tertiary care hospitals which are capable of handling all sorts of medical emergencies related to pregnancy, childbirth or postnatal care.

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Who can apply for this program

There are various ways in which a woman from India can apply to become a part of the RCH program.

First, she can apply through her state government. There are also certain states that have centers dedicated to providing healthcare to the mothers and children under this program. The second way for a woman from India to join this program is by applying directly at one of these centers.

Finally, there are many NGOs that help women access these services.

These NGOs will get an application form from the government center/hospital and then get the family background information from each application candidate before providing them with assistance under this program.

Why should you be a part of this program?

There are several reasons why every young mother from India should consider being a part of this program either through their respective state or through any of the NGOs.

The first and foremost reason is that pregnant and lactating women need good nutrition, which they will be able to receive through this program.

There are also several tests that can be performed on women under this program such as sickle cell anemia test, HIV test, etc.

Thus, help in ensuring a healthier pregnancy as well as a healthier child is available to these women through this program.

Benefits of the RCH Program

The benefits of joining the RCH program extend beyond just health care for mothers and children. This program has been particularly successful in terms of generating employment opportunities for both men and women in India.

More specifically, RCH projects have created more than 1 million jobs at the grassroots level and over 7 million indirect jobs across various value chains.

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