RPF full form|

RPF full form

Railway Protection Force

RPF full form is Railway Protection Force. Railway Protection Force (RPF) is the law enforcement agency of Indian Railways, responsible for the security of passengers and railway property. It was formed in 1987, as a result of the merger of the Railway Protection Special Force and the Railway Security Force. The RPF is headed by a Director-General, who is assisted by an Additional Director-General. The RPF has a strength of nearly 75,000 personnel, who are deployed throughout India.

Railways rename RPF as Indian Railway Protection Force Service

The RPF has been renamed as Indian Railway Protection Force Service (IRPFS) with effect from January 1, 2017. The aim behind this renaming is to give it an independent identity and reflect its role as a protector of railways.

The RPF Act enacted by the Parliament came into force with effect from July 15, 1987. It is under the administrative control of the Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) and is headed by Director General who reports to Railway Minister.

The RPF has an independent cadre, separate bureaucracy, and budget. The present strength of the RPF is more than 75,000 personnel (including 519 women). They are deployed at all important railway stations in various capacities like the security of railway property, anti-theft squad on trains, etc.

 RPF का फुल फॉर्म क्या है?

 RPF का फुल फॉर्म क्या है?

What is RPF Si salary?

The regular salary for RPF SI is between Rs 35,400 and 43000. With extra perks it can go up to 52k net which will be given below: The Previous Grade pay at 9300-34800 Paizescale.

What is RPF duty?

The role of the RPF is to protect and safeguard railway property, passenger areas as well as passengers. They also remove any obstruction in the movement for both these things so that they can keep them running smoothly!

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