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SSB full form

Services Selection Board

The SSB full form is Services Selection Board. The Services Selection Board, or SSB, is a focal association in India that is responsible for assessing the eligibility of candidates who wish to join the Indian Armed Forces. The board uses a standardized assessment process that includes character tests, intelligence tests, and interviews. The tests are designed to measure the suitability of a candidate for becoming an official in the military.

The SSB board is composed of assessors who are officials in the Indian Armed Forces and have expertise in psychology, group tasking and interviewing. altogether, there are thirteen SSB boards across India. The SSB assessment process is typically 5-6 days long.

Recruitment Procedure OF SSB

The recruitment procedure for the SSB is a five-day process in which the candidates are assessed on their keenness, duty, activity, the judgment under pressure, the ability to reason and compose, relational abilities, assurance, mental fortitude, fearlessness, speed in dynamic, eagerness to set a model and empathy. The aim of the SSB is to select candidates who have the right personality traits to become officers in the Indian Armed Forces.

Day 0

The day to be made ready for the SSB procedure starts with the arrival of the candidates to the railway station that is around 7 am -8 am. The candidates are to sign in at the Administration Depot between 7 am- 8 am. Once signed in, the candidates are briefed by one of SSB officials before being escorted to sit in a corridor where they are asked to show their credentials for inspection and allotted their Chest Number which they will use throughout the entire process for distinguishing competitors.

Day 1, Screening test – Stage I

The Screening test includes a written and non-verbal intelligence test followed by a Picture Perception and Description Test. In the Picture Perception and Description Test, an image either clear or cloudy will be shown for 30 seconds. The applicant watching must then in one minute record the number of characters in the image. They then have to create a story within seventy words that capture their temperament, estimated age, and sex of the principal character they saw known as the “main character”. In the second stage of the Picture Perception and Description Test, applicants are required to tell their stories in less than one minute. Finally, all competitors are asked to recount their stories to one another’s original stories from their respective pictures.

Day 2, Psychology test – StageII

On day two, a picture story is given to the candidate. It is similar to the PPDT, but the picture used is clear. The candidate will be shown a picture for thirty seconds and then write a story in the next four minutes. Twelve such pictures are shown sequentially. The last picture is a blank slide inviting the candidates to write a story of their choice. There was no group discussion needed for this exercise and the number of characters in each picture was not remembered by the candidates themselves.

The next test is given on day two was Word Association Test (WAT). For this test, sixty simple everyday words were given and each word was shown for fifteen seconds. Upon seeing such a word, the candidate would write down what first comes to mind in response to the word. An example of a simple everyday word would be ‘house’ and possible responses for this particular word could be ‘home’ or ‘building’.

Days 3 and 4, Group test is conducted by a GTO (Group Testing Officer) – Stage III

The third and fourth days of the assessment involve a range of activities, including group discussion, group planning exercises, progressive group tasks, small group tasks, individual tasks, and a final group task. These are overseen by a GTO (Group Testing Officer) in cooperation with an interviewing officer. The interview is based on the personal information questionnaires filled by candidates on day 1 and other general knowledge.

Day 5, final assessment and results (Conference)

Day five is the final assessment day. This is where the candidates are being assessed on their personality traits to see if they are fit for this job.

The SSB has designed a series of exercises to test for the different aspects of the personality trait that they are looking for in candidates. The candidates are monitored and evaluated by interviewers on the things they say and do during these tests.

A list of all the procedures done on Day 5 will include:

  1. The reasoning test (When given two alternatives, pick one).
  2. Non-verbal intelligence test (Paired images).
  3. Picture perception and description test (Clear images).
  4. Psychometric intelligence test (Assigns points based on response to questions).
  5. Group discussion.
  6. Psychological testing interview.
  7. Final assessment conference.
  8. Results.

The last part of the second stage, Stage II, is a writing test. In this exam, candidates are given a picture and have to write a story within 70 words that capture the temperament, estimated age, and sex of the main character in the story.

SSB का फुल फॉर्म क्या है – What is the full form of SSB in Hindi?

SSB full form in hindi is सेवा चयन बोर्ड है

What is qualification for SSB?

Age- below 32 years
Educational Qualification- various
A nationality- An Indian citizen or i)A Permanent Resident of Nepal or ii)A Person of Indian Origin (PIO) with a long-term visa to reside in India or iii) a Tibetan who came over to India before January 1, 1962.

What are NDA and SSB?

An NDA exam can be taken by anyone who has passed their senior secondary, whether or not a candidate is a graduate. If an individual obtains an interview for the CDSE exams, then they must have been graduated first. They are then interviewed by the SSB and have to undergo a training course that lasts one year in order to qualify to be promoted to officer rank.

Is SSB Interview easy?

Preparation for the SSB is challenging, but not impossible. If successful candidates have made it through once, you can too! You’ll be facing an interesting set of theoretical and practical panels in the days to come, so buckle up and make sure you are prepared beforehand. Once past that, you’ll then go on to complete the SSB interview rounds, where you will get to prove what you know by presenting a mock scenario.

What is SSB full form?

Services Selection Board

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