TGT full form| Meaning and Definition!

TGT full form

Trained Graduate Teacher.

TGT full form is Trained Graduate Teacher. TGT (Trained Graduate Teacher) is a name given to those who have completed their undergraduate education and achieved the required grades.

TGT certification is essential for teachers to qualify as eligible. Getting a TGT certification not just means that one has to study and earn good grades but it also means that they need to pass the TGT test.

The TGT exam is conducted on many topics such as Math, English, History, Geography, and so on. Candidates must have passed class 10th with at least 45%. They can only write the exam if they have graduated from a reputable board or university. The age limit for a candidate is 35 years.

Candidates who have a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized board/university and have passed class 10th with at least 45%. It is necessary for those who want to gain TGT certification as it is the first step towards the teaching profession.

In addition to that, all candidates must not be above 35 years of age as per government rules and regulations. Only after this can candidates become eligible for TGT exams which would lead them on the path of becoming teachers in public schools.

All candidates will be tested on English, Maths, their local language, History, Geography, Science, etc. These examinations are conducted by various state education boards throughout the country. This test helps in checking the caliber of a candidate and gauging their aptitude for teaching.

There are separate test papers for graduate and post-graduate candidates. After successfully passing this test, one can take up teaching jobs in government schools as well as private institutions where certified teachers are needed.

Difference Between PRT, TGT & PGT Teacher

The main difference between a PRT, TGT, and PGT teacher is the level at which they are qualified to teach. A PRT teacher is qualified to teach students up to class 5th, a TGT teacher is qualified to teach students up to class 10th and a PGT teacher is qualified to teach students up to class 12th.

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